In response to recent comments about denied entry, a few words about getting in... or not....

Joes has one of the most diverse and coolest crowds in Camden, we are very proud of the safe and fun atmosphere that our valued customers help to create. Being careful about whom we let in is an essential part of maintaining a great vibe inside.

As with most bars and night clubs we prefer a fairly even split of males and females inside to help make the environment as enjoyable as possible for everyone. It's not a strict rule or policy but occasionally, if we feel the split is becoming significantly uneven, we may try to redress the balance.

The easiest way to do this is to turn away new arrivals of groups or couples of just men or women, as necessary, for a short while until the balance has restored. This is common practice all over the world.

Many bars use the excuse 'sorry folks it's couples night' as it's simple and polite and usually moves people along to the next bar without argument. However it's not without it's flaws: Often guys will say 'but we are a couple'. Perhaps they are, perhaps they are trying their luck, we don't know and we don't care we just need to redress the balance inside.

Having to turn people away tactfully is a delicate art; no one likes being turned away. Dealing with late night Camden revellers is a tough job and generally speaking Gerry and the rest of the security team do an amazing job of refusing entry in such a way as not to offend or antagonise people.

So we apologise if you don't get in, it's a very small place and unfortunately we can't let everyone in, it's probably nothing personal. Try again another night.

JOE’S 78 - 79 chalk farm road, London, NW1 8AR / 0207 0182168 / twitter @JoesCamden / open 5pm - 3am every day